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It's been a real pleasure to work for JR. I am going to work for XXX until August to cover maternity leave but I am looking forward to joining you once again after that. I have always been treated ver....
Louise, PET CT Radiographer

Excellent agency and I'm hoping to come back soon.....
Ruth, Radiotherapist

It is pleasure working with you. l am impressed with your service.....
Christopher, Radiographer

Jennie Reeves is the only agency I have worked for. I have always found the staff friendly and helpful and happy to take the time to answer questions or sort out problems promptly. It would be wrong t....
Cath Lab Radiographer

I found that the agency staff were always so pleasant to deal with and very fast at getting back to me so thanks for that.....
Saoirse, Radiographer

Worked with them for 3yrs (Jennie Reeves) top quality, great team to work with.....
Nick, MRI Radiographer

Keep on doing a great job!....
Louise, PET/CT Radiographer

Compared to other agencies, Jennie Reeves is a much more professional and easy to deal with agency.....
Nuclear Medicine Technician

All staff are consistently friendly, professional and very helpful. Many thanks....

I have been dealing with Pooja for some time now she is an absolute asset to JR and always willing to help. Yvonne and Alice in finance very much on the ball with my timesheet and invoices. Never h....
Suzette, Mammographer

Radiographer required - Training in MRI available

  • Radiographer required - Training in MRI available
  • Job ID: J461
    Job Category: General Radiography
    Job Title: Radiographer required - Training in MRI available
    Location: South West England
    Area: Reading
    Salary: On Application
    Job Type: Permanent

We have an exciting opportunity for anyone who has always been interested in Research post who wants to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment in all life threatening illnesses and make a difference.

We are looking for an experienced general radiographer who is able to help assist in making a difference to the future of medical care.

This is a reseach post that will be based in Reading and can provide training in MRI.

We are looking for candidates with the following criteria

  1. BSc or Diploma in Radiography

  2. State Registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HPC)

  3. High level of competence in scanning to ensure unsupervised work can be safely undertaken

  4. Detailed knowledge of MRI safety aspects and IR(MER)

  5. Experience of quality assurance for imaging

  6. Willingness and ability to adopt new knowledge and research procedures

  7. Flexible attitude to duties and to hours of work

  8. Excellent interpersonal skills

  9. High professional standards

  10. Good communication skills

  11. Able to remain calm under pressure

  12. Highly motivated and able to motivate others

  13. Committed to quality improvement

  14. Ability to identify personal development need